Galaxy Of Pity

Blink blink blink goes the cursor. I try to consume myself in the world of words. But my own voice disgusts me. My arguments run low and my emotions take control. I feel heart-broken when they say people don’t die everyday, each and every one in their own way. They don’t understand that I don’t live for myself. They don’t believe it to be a possibility. My closest ally listens to me just for the sake of it. No one tries to understand. Papa is gone. He said farewell when I needed him the most. They take my voice away every single day, they fill the air with the poison of uneducated knowledge they hold and slowly convince me. I feel alone because the ones who’re right don’t speak up for me. I feel myself going silent. My enthusiasm starts fading away. They kill me with the same sword I use to protect myself, simple mere words.
Welcome to my worthless, pitiful and completely victimised ranting.